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Sharing the Gospel with Children Around the World in 2022

Praise God! 2021 was a record year for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child (OCC) in sharing the gospel with children around the world.  10.5 million shoeboxes were collected in 2021! 


A large thank you to each of you who help build the 334 OCC shoeboxes in 2021! THANK YOU!.  Your efforts allowed RHBC to provide 344 opportunities for children to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and get a chance to accept Jesus as their Savior.  Your tangible gift of a simple shoebox, given in Jesus’ name, reminds a child that they are loved and someone cares for them. 


Updates to OCC activities and events will be posted to this site and will be noted in our RHBC newsletter.  National Collection Week (NCW) for 2022 is to be held from the 14th to the 21st of NOV 2022. Round Hill Baptist Church will be a drop-off location again.  Shoe boxes will be available soon...just look for the OCC table in the church foyer.  Consider getting a box, packing that box, praying over that box, then returning your box(es) no later than 13 NOV 2022.  Take a moment and watch the short video below to remind yourself of how important your decision to get a box, build a box, pray over the box, and return the box is to a child who needs reassurance that God loves them!

The Greatest Journey


Your gift of a shoebox is allowing children to take the Greatest Journey course.  To learn how Jesus loves them and their families.  These children are open to accepting Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  God has used you to open the door. 

The smiles on these faces are just a little reward for what your gift has offered all those children who received your shoebox and completed the Greatest Journey course...Jesus can do amazing things in the lives of these young souls...Praise God for His many gifts!


The following links are just a few of the personal testimonies of those who received an OCC shoebox and the impact it had upon their life and their family’s life.  




"I am excited to share with you a personalized video for the Fredericksburg area from one of OCCs Full-Circle Speakers, Dania (link below). Dania received a shoebox when she was 5 years old while living in the Middle East with her family and the impact of that special gift in her life has never been forgotten. This video is a wonderful way for our church to have a direct view of how much the shoeboxes we are packing mean to the children receiving them; a way to see 'the other side of the shoebox.'”   ~Abigail Cook~



How to Pack A Shoe Box

Do not forget to add a handwritten note to the child that will receive your box.  You may want to add a personal touch by adding a picture of yourself or your pet.  This will help the child make a connection to who cared enough to demonstrate Jesus’ love by sending him/her tangible items, such as a new shirt, new socks, sunglasses, a small plastic water bottle, toothbrush, soap, washcloth, comb, coloring book, and school supplies.  Remember to pack a WOW! Item, such as a soft stuffed animal, ball, etc.  It is hard to imagine that these may be the only “new” items a child will receive...something that is theirs alone! 



A donation of $10.00 per box you pack is suggested to cover the following costs:


  • Transportation of shoeboxes to the children in far-away places

  • The child’s The Greatest Gift booklet in their own language

  • Helps the local partner to provide The Greatest Journey training sessions

  • Cover cost of The Greatest Journey Graduate’s New Testament and Certificate


If you so desire to donate $10.00 per box, you can make that donation in one of the following ways:


1) Pay online at Samaritan’s Purse website using the label number on your box’s boy/girl label which will allow you to track where that box is sent; just let Jim and Cathy know you did so for their records. Or,


2) Pay with cash and leave the funds in the shoebox, or pick one box if you are packing multiple boxes to leave the total donation.  Also, let Jim and Cathy know your donation is in the box.


3) Write a check to Round Hill Baptist Church for the donation amount, and note in the memo line “OCC, Line #1450”.  Jim and Cathy request you give them the check, so they can record whether a box has this special donation.  They will deliver the check to the counters. Then RHBC will write one check to Samaritan’s Purse to cover the total transportation donations of all shoeboxes donated in 2021.  This way your personal check is not taking months to clear.


The main thing is packing, praying over, and donating a shoebox.  If you are unable to handle the transportation donation this year, still participate in sharing Jesus with a child by packing and donating a shoebox gift.


And, thank you for helping to spread the good news of Jesus to the Ends of the Earth!

As you saw in the video on packing a shoebox, there are items that cannot be packed. Please, look over the list below of items YOU CAN NOT PACK in an OCC Shoe Box, to ensure your box  

does not cause the shipment of thousands of shoeboxes to be held up in customs as they enter the designated foreign country.  





Due to customer requirements to enter countries, please, do not pack these items in your box:


  • Candy of any type

  • Toothpaste

  • Gum of any kind

  • Used or damaged items

  • War-related items, such as a tool pistol; knife; even little green army men are a no no

  • Seeds

  • Food items of any type

  • Liquids or lotions

  • Medications or vitamins

  • Breakable items or glass containers

  • Aerosol can items​

Not able to get to the store to gather the items to pack a box; then pack a box online and still help RHBC reach its goal!  Special note:  Boxes built online are available to Samaritan’s Purse to be specially packed, so they can pass through customs easier in hard-to-reach nations around the world.

Just go to this link and start building something very special for a young child.  Remember to note you are building a box in support of Round Hill Baptist Church of King George, VA.  Your box built online will have options to pick a Wow item, a toy/ gift, accessories, and essentials.  The essential items cover personal care items and school supplies.  They vary slightly depending on the age and gender for which you are packing.  These items include chalk (age 2-4), crayons, colored pencils, a coloring book or coloring pad, a notebook, pencils, a pencil sharpener, pens (age 5-9 and 10-14), a comb or brush, and a toothbrush.


OCC Link box 2022.png

Have questions? Or need a little extra information, just reach out and connect with RHBC OCC Project Leaders:  Jim Graham at or 540-287-2929, or

Cathy Graham at  or 540-287-2929.

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