Men to Men

The Men-to-Men Discipleship group meets before the Sunday morning worship service at the church in room 202 and online via Zoom starting at 9:15 am to fellowship and explore God’s Word. This class is for men, usually, those who have graduated high school and older, but a young man in high school can join with the permission of his parent(s).

The group also meets on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM, except the first Thursday of the month,

via Zoom for fellowship and prayer.

During our Sunday discussions, we explore the Bible, God's Word; His principles, and guidance

are reviewed, and examined to help men today to see how they can implement God's truths in

their lives. The resulting goal is to empower men to influence their families, friends, colleagues,

and the world around them.

Contact Us

To learn more about Men to Men contact Jim Graham.


Follow the link below for the Sunday zoom meeting @ 9:15 am. 

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Lesson for zoom meeting. 


Follow the link below for the Thursday fellowship and prayer meeting @ 6:30 pm.