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Round Hill Baptist Church was founded in 1820, with 20 members from Nomini, Popes Creek, and Hanover churches. It was first located near Mattox Creek in Westmoreland County under the name of Ebenezer. Around 1850 it was moved to its present site in King George County and changed its name to Round Hill.

 Three separate churches were formed from the original group: Good Hope in 1867, Oakland in 1885, and Colonial Beach in 1896.


Round Hill Baptist values worshipping the living God as revealed to in the perfect Word of God, the Bible. We desire to create and nurture disciples of Jesus Christ which we believe leads to transformed individuals to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with the living God.  



Round Hill Baptist is a family of Christians that desire to create and nurture disciples of Jesus Christ so we may proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in words and actions to our community. We believe it is in proclaiming the Gospel in words and actions that will better our community to be a place where we love our neighbors, show mercy, follow real truth, and enact the right justice.

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